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The history of Peter " the Grasshopper "

(History of Murillo de Gállego and Riglos)

In times in which the Kingdom of the Mallos (formed by Ayerbe, Agüero, Loarre and Riglos) still did not belong to Aragonese Crown, a young person with an amazing agility lived in Murillo and he surprised by the so spectacular jumps that she gave. This young person was called Peter, and it is no wonder the grasshopper seizes to him.

When he was young, a bet put its ability like jumper on approval, jumping from the top of the Church. From the bell tower, Peter sent itself expertly to the ground, falling and being of foot, intact, in the square. After this feat, Peter noticed that never more they did another challenge to him because she would not accept it.

The time spent and a day when he went by the environs of Riglos in search of hunting, bowmen of queen Berta (she runs of the Kingdom of the Mallos after the death of Peter I of Aragón) confused to him with an animal but Peter the grasshopper left the scrubs quickly and arrows did not catch him.

When the queen found out the event, she commanded to him to call and, seeing his ability and rapidity, she decided to do messenger mail to him between the castles of his kingdom. Peter the Grasshopper soon was made essential for the queen.

A day the rumor if Peter the grasshopper could or not to jump from one of the mallos began to run by Riglos. In Murillo they knew it would not cause to Peter a challenging because they had promised not provoke him again but in other places of inside and outside the kingdom, the rumor was the talk of the people, until it became something given by fact. Queen Berta spoke with Peter and she advised to him that if he were decided to lower from one of the mallos of a jump, it would have to be in exchange for a great benefit.

To jump from one of the mallos ones was something about which Peter had dreamed to do since he was a child, but he also understood that if he accepted to do it, his life would be full of news challenges.

Finally, Peter accepted the bet with some conditions: People will be removed of the place of the fall at least 250 meters. After the jump they will take at least half an hour in approaching the place of the fall. The money of the bets (proportional to the resources of each one) will be given to his parents one hour before he appeared on mallo. The conditions were accepted by all and the date of so indicated day was settled.

The morning of the programmed day, Peter the grasshopper appeared saluting at the top of mallo. He waited for minutes so that everybody was impregnated of the moment and later he was sent to the emptiness. After some jumps and flexions, Peter fell in the site he had calculated and he moved away quickly of the place towards the place where his woman hoped to him with two horses; he changed his clothes and he left there in opposite direction of where the public was congregated at a gallop.

The agreed time spent and the crowd approached to see the possible corpse of Peter the grasshopper but it neither alive nor died was. They registered the environs but he was not anywhere.

Days, weeks, months and years spent and the small Kingdom of the Mallos was gotten up to Aragonese Crown but nobody knew what had happened with the jumper of Murillo.

 Town: Riglos
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