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A difficult problem

(History of Loarre)

A showy retinue that came from Biscarrués where a wedding had been celebrated entered Loarre. They arrived mounted in a male at the house of the newly-married man but the couple had to stop in front of the house´s door because the vestibule was low to enter mounted on the animal until the patio, according to was custom.

All the retinue was stopped to deliberate and each one of the assistants gave an oppinion about it.

The mother-in-law of the newly-married man proposed that the head of her son-in-law was cut because it was what exceeded.

The newly-married girl while she was crying said that nothing was going to be cut her hubsband. The father of the newly-married man thought if they cut the legs to the male, they would enter without difficulty, but the mother of the newly-married girl did not want because the male was her.

Voices were given by ones and others and it made that peculiar people approached, among them the teacher of school that solved the incident saying:

- Nothing will be cut. The engaged couple must to crouch and they will not encounter.

- You are right -said the mother in law. To think up alive people! 



 Town: Loarre
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