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The " chotos dós quintos" is a lost tradition that was celebrated in Santa Eulalia de Gállego about 50 years ago.

The greater celebrations of Santa Eulalia were in December. They started the day of the saint, more exactly the 10 of December and finished the 13 of the same month, the day of Saint Lucy. They maintained the celebration of summer in honour to Saint Roque and it was considered the " small celebration " because people very were occupied with the workings of the field and there was no time for the diversion.

The first day of the celebtrations, young men of the town, in different groups, left to hang about the streets streets taking kids that they had and dressed and adorned them with bows and branches. The animals would be sacrificed hours later constituting their meat the basic set meal of the rest of the days of the celebrations. The meat was stewed or roasted and was eaten in the house of one of the young men of the gang or in the square. All stranger who approached this place was guest to seat and to eat. Animals used to brought of the field of Saint Martin which was of Foria from Ansó or from Rubiola house.

The number of kids depended on the number of young men. When the celebration disappeared, in the middle of fifties, only one gang of young people took kids in the round.

The emigration took to the boys outside the town and this celebration, like so many traditions, fell in disuse. Nevertheless, at the end of the eightes, the tradition was recovered during a day of August to be recorded by Eugeny Monesma. Meat of the animals was eaten in meatballs and stewed with potatoes. A lot of people participated in this round and it is a pity that since then it hasn´t been celebrated again.

 Town: Santa Eulalia de Gállego
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