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This pilgrimage takes place each 25 of January to celebrate the Conversion of Saint Paul is perhaps the oldest pilgrimage of those which are celebrated in Ayerbe.

The hermitage of Saint Paul was reconstructed with the contribution of alms of the faithfuls on century XIX and it was very visited because Saint Paul was a special lawyer against epilepsies (epilépticos attacks) and other diseases.

The tradition conserves with enough purity the characteristics of this pilgrimage.

The night previous to their celebration, in the streets of ayerbe big bonfires are set fire and neighbors form group around them. There, leather wine bottles and porrones of wine (wine jar with a long spout ) passed of a person to others to help to digest some potatoes roasted on live coals and seasoned with salt, oil, wine vinegar and parsley.

The joy of all people becomes patent with their laughters, songs and the classic shout of " Cheer Saint Paul with a leather wine bottle and a jug".

In the following morning, people go to the hermitage of Saint Paul. There a big bonfire is on fire from the first hours of the day. People approach to get warm and to take some alight trunks to set fire to barbecues to roast food.

For years, the date of this pilgrimage has been transferred to the weekend next to the 25 of January, to facilitate the attendance to many neighboring ayerbenses and other that live outside.

With their special characteristics of pilgrims, mounts and fire, this so old pilgrimage and rooted between the population continue being celebrated with great brilliance.

 Town: Ayerbe
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