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 White Stork  (Ciconia ciconia )

The White Stork is a migratory species that can be found in marshlands, grassy plains and rooftops throughout certain parts of Europe, Asia Minor and Africa. These birds are well-known for their black and white plumage, long legs (almost 1m in height), up to 2m in wing span, and reddish beak. They are regarded as a symbol of good luck and the bearer of babies to people of central and western Europe. People try to attract storks by putting baskets on the roofs for potential nest sites. The White Stork diet consists of big insects, small reptiles, mollusks, frogs, and small rodents. There is a characteristic greeting between the mates of this species. Each bird bends its neck back until the head rests on the top of the body. Then they shoot their heads forward while rattling their bills, raising their tails, and spreading their wings. These birds use the same nest each year after returning from their winter migration to South Africa. They share parenting responsibilities throughout the incubation period of 25-30 days and well over 2 months of care after the clutch hatches.

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