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 Black Stork  (Ciconia nigra )

Description: This bird, that does not present external sexual differentiation, has a size and aspect similar to the one of the white stork, although its plumage is black with white inferior parts. It has red bill and foot.

Habitat: It is located in the forests of Mediterranean type, and in rocky and shelves of rivers and dams.

Status: Migratory bird, leaves our Region at the end of summer to spend the winter in Africa.

This bird is very aloof and it need great tranquillity for the complete development of his vital functions. Very similar in its external form to the white stork, difference remarkably of her as its feeding, since the black stork consumes preferredly small vertebrates, in proportion much greater than its same types, whereas the insects comprise almost despicable of their diet. It frequent water pools. It normally installs his nests on trees to high altitude, preferring for it cork oaks and pines and staying always very moved away of other pairs of his same species. Some units can be seen during the winter. 

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