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 Common Quail  (Coturnix coturnix )



Identification: The Quail is a tiny gamebird most likely to be mistaken for a half-grown young Partridge, but the male has a black and white head pattern which is mimicked in a duller brown version by the female. If you are lucky enough to flush one you'll see a dumpy, hump-backed, narrow-winged gamebird skimming low over the vegetation with quick, shallow wing-beats. More usually though, you'll hear its diagnostic call.

Habitat: Breeds in arable fields and long grass.

Distribution: A summer visitor in varying numbers. One of the most difficult birds to see in the British Isles, given its notorious skulking nature. The most likely way to come across the species is to hear it calling from a field containing long grass or arable crops. Occasionally, you may flush a coastal migrant.

Widespread throughout most of Europe and easily located by their calls.

Population: The British population is estimated to be 5-300 breeding pairs although migrants may swell this figure to as much as 2 600 during some years. In Ireland less than 70 breeding pairs exist, perhaps as few as 20.

650 000-900 000 breeding pairs common across Europe but rare in the north.

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