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 Ortolan Bunting  (Emberiza hortulana )


 Status and distribution Generally scarce and declining due to changing farming methods but still locally common in some areas of the south & east of the Region. Breeds in the northern half of Iberia and parts of central & southern France, the Alps and northern Italy and from Slovenia to Romania and south to northern Greece, Crete, much of Turkey and the Caucasus. In the north breeds from eastern Germany east to the Ukraine, southern Russia and the Urals, reaching north to south-east Norway, central & northern Sweden, Finland except extreme north, the Baltic States and Russia north to the White Sea. Small and scattered populations survive in the Netherlands, southern Germany and eastern Austria. Has also bred in north Algeria.

Winters in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Arabia, leaving breeding areas in August-September, returning late March-April reaching northern areas in May. Passage birds occur throughout southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Scarce but regular migrant in Britain (50-100 recorded most years) mainly in Sheltand and on the east coast in spring and in south-west England in autumn.

Habitat Open scrubby woodland, forest edge and dry grass-covered hillsides with scattered trees and bushes, often on farmland, in orchards and along roadsides. Mainly in higher areas in south of range. On passage mainly on open grassland, in semi-desert areas and steppes.

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