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 Tropical Screech Owl  (Otus choliba)


Description: Small owl with short ear tufts and yellow eyes. Grey, brown and red colour morphs occur with intermediates. Light grey, black edged facial disk. Heavily streaked upper-parts and under-parts marked with herring bone pattern.


Size: 20-24cm, 95-160g


Habitat: Savannah, open forest, plantations, parks, clearings.


Food: Mainly insects and other invertebrates, occasionally snakes and small mammals.


Breeding: January - July N. of equator and September - October south of it. 1-4 eggs in tree cavity. Little else is known about its breeding habits.


Call: Purring, short trill, followed by 2 toots.


Status: Not thought to be threatened, although exact status is unknown.


Comments: Often hunts on roadsides, and as a result roadside casualties are common.

 Source: Internet
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