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 Corn Bunting  (Emberiza calandra )


Status and distribution Widespread and still fairly common over much of the Region but has declined dramatically in some areas of North-West Europe and Scandinavia and Britain in particular. Breeds in the British Is (scarce in the north & west and in Ireland), and from western France and Iberia east across Europe to Belarus, Ukraine and southern Russia to the Caspian, but absent from major mountain ranges. In the north breeds in Denmark but very rare in southern Sweden, more common in Poland. In the south breeds on the Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia, much of Italy and Sicily, southern Greece, Crete, Cyprus and Turkey, the Caucasus and northern Iraq. Also breeds in the Middle East south to northern Israel, in North Africa in Cyrenaica and from central Morocco to northern Tunisia and on the Canary Is (although absent from Lanzarote and Fuerteventura).

Subspecies Although various races have been described the slight differences between them may not be consistent and it is probably best considered a monotypic species.

Habitat Usually found in cultivated areas and cereal crops in particular. Requires some tall herbage and fences to act as song-posts. In some areas found in semi-deserts with grassy areas, steppes and along woodland edges. Modernisation of agricultural methods and changes in climate are probably major causes of the decline of this species in Europe.

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