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 Common Chaffinch  (Fringilla coelebs)



Identification: The male Chaffinch is distinctively coloured, especially in spring when the dull outer edges of his feathers wear away to reveal the striking blue head and pink breast. In all plumages though, Chaffinches are easily told by their unique combination of two broad white wing bars and obvious white outer tail feathers.

Habitat: Breeds in woodlands, parks, gardens and hedgerows. Winters in gardens and farmland, especially stubble fields.

Distribution:  An abundant and widespread, bird throughout Britain, except parts of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Most common in woodland areas. The race F.c.africana has occurred as an extremely rare vagrant. One of Europe's commonest birds.

Population: 5 400 000 territories have been estimated for Britain where they are widespread, while a further 2 100 000 can be found in Ireland. Continental visitors in winter bring the total up as many as 30 000 000 birds. 80-96 million breeding pairs. Ubiquitous throughout Europe apart from some areas of Arctic Scandinavia.

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