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 Common Greenshank  (Tringa nebularia )


Identification: Greenshanks are taller, slimmer and greyer than Redshanks with dull greenish legs and a longer slightly up-turned bill. They invariably look paler, especially on the head and neck. In flight they have all-dark wings contrasting with the white upper-tail which extends in a long 'V' up the back.

Habitat: Breeds on remote upland pools, open moorland and felled forested areas. Winter and passage visitor to freshwater pools and estuaries.

Distribution: An uncommon breeding species in north-west Scotland and the Hebrides. Much more widespread on passage, mainly on the coast, but with smaller numbers inland. Numbers peak between August-September. A few birds winter in UK, mainly in the south-west.

A widespread breeding bird in the north of Europe which occurs in small numbers as a passage or winter visitor to most coastal wetlands.

Population: 57-83,000 pairs breed in Europe.

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