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The Villa of Bolea is the head of The Sotonera and it constitutes municipality with the localities of Aniés, Esquedas, Lierta, Puibolea, Plasencia of Monte and Quinzano.

Bolea is of Roman origins and it is walled by the Islam. It has an impressive Collegiata Church of the century XVI. From there a spectacular view of all the zone of The Sotonera is descried.

Its inner city lodges the church of Our Lady of the Solitude which belongs to the century XVIII.

In its municipal term we also can visit the romanesque hermitage of the Virgin of Las Mueras that it was the small church of a medieval depopulated (at the moment it is in ruins), the hermitage of Saint Quiteria of century XVIII with findings in its proximities of some rests of the Calcoltico and the Age of Bronze, the hermitage of the Trinidad, the hermitages of Saint Andrew, Saint Joseph and Saint Joaquin (they are in ruins) and the towns, Iberian of Betance and the Roman of the Crown.