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Aniés is located to the feet of the hermitage of the Virgin of the Rock, within a zone denominated The Sotonera. This small population belonged to The Saint John of Jerusalem Order and it was mentioned documentarily for the first time in 1.069

Its parochial temple has romanesque origins but it underwent important changes during century XVII. One of the most significant changes was that the original apse was located to the feet of the church. However, its cover remains inalterable.

We can observe an interesting civil architecture in which the large houses of century XVIII with beautiful coat of arms are emphasized.

In their municipal term you can also visit the hermitages of Saint Cosme and Sanit Barbara, both of century XVII, the Hermitage-Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Rock , with a spectacular viewpoint towards The Hole and the hermitage of Saint Christopher, next to the birth of the Sotón river.