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Legend about tips of Gratal and Guara.

Gratal is a enormous giant who is loved of Gabardiella. He has the radical opposition of her father, Gabardón who does not allow that the giant courts his daughter.

In order to solve the loves, Gabardón goes to look for aid of his friend, Guara which has an immense force. Guara, with his great power, creates an abyss in the earth, a crack between mountains which separates to Gratal of the Earth of Gabardiella for ever. But things will not be thus.

Gratal plans with time its revenge because he knows that the power of Guara is superior to his. He waits for one night in which the giant is sleeping with the glance towards the sky.

Gratal advances from outside its field of view. There is not a weapon to give death to Guara. It is only possible with a giant weapon, the own top of the mount Gratal, the sharpened peak. Gratal nails of a single blow the rock lance in the chest of the sleepy giant and he immediately dies and becomes to a mountain. Stones instead of blood fall from the wound.

 Town: Lierta
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