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A military knight of these that equipped the neighboring castle of Loarre left to hunt by mounts and adjacent mountain ranges to the castle in he lived with his hawk. He let go of the hawk against a distant partridge. The partridge ran away from its cruel enemy and it threw within a deep depth. The hawk continued its flight after the following the partridge and in its capture

The hawk took as much in returning to the hands of its owner so he was afraid to lose it. At that monent began to make some formalities to recover it. He wanted to go down that depth but it was impossible (There were not stairs that it has today). He arranged that a servant went down helped of a rope. The servant went down and there he was astonished of which it was seing in that place: a wonderful altarpiece composed of a splendid bramble in whose right side was the image of Our Lady of The Rock and in the left the alive partridge. Nest to them it was the hawk that, free of their cruelty and without a bloody instinct, it seemed to be suspended and admired to see so beautiful spectacle in so hidden place. It was more admired by the Christian devotee who saw united the shade and the light, that is to say, Holy Mary and the bramble to carry out in term of Aniés the same mission Moisés had in the Oreb mount.

The knight returned happier to his house because he had discovered that treasure and communicated so happy notifies to the Christians. They went in procession to that place and removed the image to the ancient church of Saint Peter Apostle that in that time had in the root of that boulder. Today there are only vestiges of it and of some neighboring factories that in Aniés understood have been of Templars.

Aniés, charge of knights of Saint John who succeeded to those of Temple in many goods and places, affirms the same tradition: from the temple of Saint Peter the image one or more times was restituted to the concave of that crag where it was found by the servant and his knight.

To venerate the will of Our Lady people of Aniés erected the church you can see today in that concave. By these last circunstances it must be called appeared and not by the circunstande of a miraculous finding. A written with letter not very old memory is conserved in this church (but without a doubt it was transferred of another one or others very old ) in which it is said: " This appearance happened in the years of 903...

This is one of several legends that are attributed to the Virgin. The devotee ones to this Virgin attribute diverse miracles to it . One of them is the case of the young gipsy girl. She fell from a height of about one hundred meters and she did not suffer any damage. Her mother, thanked for for that reason, gave to the temple a golden medal; Other case is about a baroness of Ayerbe that thanks to the Virgin to have had descendants; another example of its miraculous fame can be that when the hermitage in the last century collapsed, no of the 52 people who were under their ruins left injured.

As you can verify the list of legends that are attributed to it are interminable.

 Town: Aniés
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