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The hermitage was put under the invocation of Saint Cristopher, name that means " carrier of Christ ", according to the Golden Legend.

Cristópher was a gigantic personage who instilled panic everybody who saw him. He decided to cross world in search of the most powerful gentleman to devote itself to his service and he found it in the person of a Christian king. He discovered this king feared the devil, he did not stop until he located him. Then he put himself to his side to the front of a destructive army.

But in a crossroad at the place where a stone cross was, the devil was put to shake by the fear that instilled the crossed symbol to him. Cristopher moved away of the devil and asked people how to serve to the man called Christ. Nobody answered him until an hermit indicated him the best way to him to do it:

- Alongside this place there is a river where a lot of people who try to croos it usually die. You have a stature and extraordinary force and you will perfectly be able to pass them of border to border over your shoulders. Inmediately he began to pass travellers supported in a heavy and resistant twig.

One day he was resting in his cabin, next to the bank, when he heard a boy voice:

- Cristopher, go out and help me to cross the river!

He left his cabin and he did not see anybody. The same it happened for a second time; to the third occasion he saw to a young child. He loaded him on his shoulders and began the trip through the river. But to each step the boy weighed more and the level of waters of the river increased. In the middle of the channel he believed not to be able to support neither to the weight nor the impulse of the current. However, in superhuman effort, he managed to put to the boy in the other border.

- Ay, little child !- he said. I believed to take the entire world on my backs.

- And you have taken it because I am Christ, the creator of this world. When you return to your cabin, you must plant the twig and tomorrow morning it will be green and with fruits -. Said this, the boy disappeared.

Cristopher died martyred to preach the Christianity towards year 250 of our age. He was put on a grill and this one melted; four hundred bowmen shot arrows against him that floated in the air to the contact with his skin. Finally it was beheaded.

 Town: Aniés
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